Opening Server


The Genesis x10 server is almost ready to launch, its opening will take place on November 18 at 19:00 (Check the countdown timer at the top of the site!)
The main feature of the server is the absence of a donate forge and things in the X-shop that do not affect the economy and pvp of the server.

Basic information!
Server version: Season 6 Episode 3.
Server rates: x10. (Dynamic experience)
Master Level rates: x5.
Max Master Level: 400.
Max Reset: 10.
Maximum windows per HWID: 3.
Maximum windows per IP: 30.

Spots on all maps for 6 monsters. (displayed on the mini-map)
MU Helper is available from level 1.
New Health Bar: For Players and Monsters.
- Disabled HP Bar for golden monsters.
- Disabled HP Bar for bosses.
- Disabled HP Bar in Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle events
The buff override works.
Disabled SD.
Achievement system.
(total 51)
Infinite arrows for Elf from level 1.
No limits on all events (BloodCastle,DevilSquare,ChaosCastle)

More information about the server can be found here!
Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/nJg9fk7wdd

Posted: 21.10.2022

Currently this is only one server.