About Genesis Server

Every player should know!
Despite the fact that server rates are x10, character development speed - moderate. Be prepared for small challenges, because overcoming them brings real pleasure! Forward - for new victories on MUXGENESIS.COM!

 Basic information!

 Server version: Season 6 Episode 3.
 Server rates: x30. (Dynamic experience)
 Rates Master Level: x5.
 Maximum Master Level: 400.
 Maximum Reset: 35.
 Maximum window per HWID: 3.
 Maximum window per IP: 30.
 Characters in game: Elf, Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Summoner, Dark Lord, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter.
     With VIP all character available from 1 level.
 Server Currencies: Zen, Jewels, GenCoin.
     Zen: Monsters, quests, achievements, contracts, dailies, bosses, events, trade and so on.
     GenCoin: Bosses, achievements, time online and events.
 Guild creation: 250 Level.
    ▻ Maximum players in guild: 20.
     Minimum players in guild for alliance: 15.
    ▻ Maximum alliance: 1
 Elf Buffer maximum level: 200 Level and 1 reset.
 Spots in all maps for 6 monsters.
 Autoclicker available from level 1.
 New Health Bar: To Players and Monsters.
     ▻ Disabled HP Bar for Golden Monsters.
     ▻ Disabled HP Bar for Bosses.
     ▻ Disabled HP Bar in events Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle.
 Overwrite Buff Work.
 Disabled Gens.
 New mixes.
 Achievements System(total 51)
 Infinity Arrow for Elf from 1 Level.
 New OFF ATTACK System. (with auto-pick any items)
 New Quest System.
 New system for sell items in game with market items.
 Full HD Graphics.
 New system Jewels Bank.
 New system Events Time in game.
 New bosses.
 All spots are shown on the MiniMap.
 Anti-Lag Window to set your perfect FPS.
 Maximum amount Excellent options: 3.
 Formula Zen: 50*Monster Level + Item Zen Drop.

Posted: 11.04.2023

Currently this is only one server.